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Candid India Sales
Candid India
We believe that the goal of business is to create and keep customers. One way to keep customers is to keep them happy. We achieve this with our original approaches and trendy ideas, something that we are renowned for.

We don’t just sell your product for the sake of selling it but also create a whole new face for it. A face that retains the depth and vision of your product but presents itself as a charismatic entity. Your product will reach out to your client base not as something they want to be a part of but rather as something they need to be a part of.

Candid India
As representative partners for international exhibitions in India we provide smooth coordination between the exhibitions and the respective Indian trade communities. Your responsibilities, your deadlines, etc., all become ours. We act as your ambassadors and provide you with not just a face but also a voice in India. Not only do we market your exhibition but also target all potential exhibitors along with generating sponsorships for the event.
Candid India
The very same principle of adopting our partners’ responsibilities as our own also applies to the DMCs (Destination Management Companies) we represent. We are not just your partners here in India but rather an overseas extension of you. The depth of our amalgamating your ideas and visions into our promotions is to the same degree if you yourself were to carry them out.

Registered Office

Contact person: Neeraj Chowdhry
A1/76 | 1st Floor
Safdarjung Enclave
New Delhi - 110029 | India
Ph: +91-11-41652410

Marketing & Operations Office

Contact person: Deepika Chowdhry
F-190 | Third Floor
Opp. Hanuman Mandir
Lado Sarai- 110030 | India
Ph: +91-11-41006608

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